In 1992, the Graduate School of Elementary Education (GSEE) was constructed, which was the first graduate school at National Taipei Teachers College (NTTC). In 1995, GSEE was renamed as the Graduate School of National Education (GSNE). In 1999, the doctoral program is proposed at GSNE. In 2003, GSNE renamed as Graduate School of Educational Policy and Management (GSEPM). In 2005, NTTC was admitted to convert into normal university system. In Aug. 2006, the Educational Management and Management Department (EMMD) was established, the integration of EMMD and GSEPM was accomplished in 2010. GSEPM has the programs of Master of Education (M. Ed) and Philosophy doctoral (Ph.D.). In 2006, the graduate program of the Cultural and Educational Law was built, that merged into GSEPM in 2012. In 2019, to meet the education policy of the Ministry of Education, the in-service graduate program of Indigenous Culture and Education Laws was permitted to provide opportunities for Aboriginal students. 

    GSEPM experienced the renaming process and gradually became a professional academic institution. Presently, GSEPM provides bachelor program, master degree and doctoral’s.  Besides, GSEPM has in-service master program for school administration. Students can take classes during weekend periods. Additionally, GSEPM offers the in-service teacher program for the master of Educational Leadership and Management" in Penghu island.  In 2019, due to the policy from the Ministry of Education, GSEPM sets up the in-service master program of Indigenous Culture and Education to serve aboriginal students.

    As a whole, GSEPM is one of the three graduate school to have the doctoral programs at National Taipei Education University. The academic fields include educational policy and administration, educational management, culture and law.