GSEPM a dynamic and professional academic unit, which specializes in cultivating professional manpower and cross-domain integration talents in education, management, culture, education and law. This department is the department with the highest graduate employment rate of graduates of undergraduate programs in recent years in NTUE. The number of graduates of the master's program in the department who are admitted to national examinations, teacher examinations, and lawyer examinations, and the number of people who serve in non-governmental organizations is increasing year by year. There are quite a few in-service graduates who have obtained the qualifications of directors and principals. Therefore, those who are interested in in-depth study of education, management, culture, education and law, self-improvement, further study and cross-field learning are welcome to apply for the exam.  The admission process for each class is as follows:

     1). The university department can apply for admission, academic test distribution, star distribution, or the application of Zhishan group, aboriginal and foreign students. Among the Zhishan group students, priority is given to admission of children from low-income households, low-middle-income households, and families with special circumstances. Candidates for grandchildren and children of new immigrants.

   2). Entrance to the master’s and doctoral programs of the daytime department is divided into recommendation selection and examination admission. Among them, admission is conducted from November to January of the next year, and admission to examination is conducted from January to March each year. Admission is based on data review. In addition to the interview, admission is determined through the review of the departmental committee, while the admission to the master's program in education policy and management is determined by a written test. There are written examinations and interviews for admission to the doctoral program to determine admission.

   3). In order to allow more aspiring students to study further, the on-the-job master's program of this department adopts the method of interview and written review, and the admission committee of this department will decide whether candidates will be admitted or not based on the above two results.